Astronut Universe-Themed Interactive Notebook – Nurturing Dreams

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The Astronaut Notebook: Your Child’s Journey to the Stars & Dreams!

What’s this Astronaut Notebook all about?

Imagine a notebook that’s not just for doodles and homework, but also for big dreams and space adventures! Our Interactive Astronaut Notebook, designed for The Vivekananda School, Gurugram is like a mini-universe where a child’s imagination can soar.

Subconscious Design – Why It Matters:
Our minds are continuously absorbing and processing information, often without our conscious realization. The true essence of our notebook lies in its ability to subtly influence and inspire through subconscious cues.

Why is this Notebook Extra Special?

Ever heard of the sneaky part of your brain that picks up things without you even noticing? That’s called the subconscious.

The Astronaut’s clear helmet pocket, where students / a child place a representation of their role model, acts as a continuous nudge to the subconscious. Every glance, every note taken, and every thought penned down happens in the presence of their greatest inspiration, helping a student feel motivated everyday.

Innovative Interactivity through the subconscious:

We are blending traditional stationery with a touch of modernity and a deep understanding of subconscious design principles, this interactive notebook offers students an unparalleled tactile and mental experience.

The Interactive Magical instructions for a child :

  • Helmet Pocket Magic: The Astronaut has a clear helmet pocket! Put a picture of someone you look up to in there. Every time you see it, you’ll remember to dream big like them!
  • Stay Inspired All Day: The design of this notebook keeps your dreams alive, even when you’re just jotting down math problems.

Why Every student Should Have One?

It’s not just any notebook; it’s a magic ticket to nurture dreams and shape bright futures. With spacey themes and cool Astronaut designs, it reminds a student of the super exciting world out there and the even more fantastic world inside their head!

For Every Dreamer

This isn’t just for Classwork or homework. It’s your special buddy, cheering you on, helping you dream of becoming an astronaut, a scientist, your role model or anything you want!

How does this notebook motivate ?

The power of the subconscious lies in its relentless operation. With the interactive notebook’s design, we are harnessing this power to instill motivation, ambition, and a sense of purpose every single day.

A Universe Inside Your Brain

The Astronaut Notebook isn’t just about stars in the sky. It’s about the fantastic thoughts and dreams inside your head. Ready for an adventure? Open up the notebook and dive into your universe!


Iris Design

4/69P, Vineet Khand 4, Vineet Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010, India
Communication Designer: Manvendra Singh
The Vivekananda School, Gurugram