Single Vineyard Koutsoura, Rouvalis Winery

Chardonnay Single Vineyard Koutsoura of Rouvalis Winery is the result of the wine harvest from the selected small vineyard of Koutsouras 6.

This concept of the small vineyard is reflected in Chardonnay’s brand image, capturing its special character and uniqueness. The asymmetry of the small draws and their purity inspired its design which highlights its pure, unadulterated nature and its premium character.

The narrative of this wine’s origin is present on the bottle in order to emphasize the differentiation of Chardonnay Single Vineyard Koutsoura wine, while at the same time, the golden signature of Rouvalis guarantees its quality. The end result is an informative yet elegant and minimal label that invites wine lovers to taste this carefully selected single vineyard Chardonnay.


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