Back to the Origins

Cortese Caffè came to us with the task of creating a new brand identity for their products. Inspired by the old story, of a young medical student from Italy who created the Cortese blend, by innovating and following his heart, k2design followed a ‘back to the origins approach’ combined with the quality of the excellently selected seeds of Cortese’s blend to bring to the table.

Like Cortese, who didn’t reject the past, but instead embraced it and took it one step further, k2design created a new brand identity that reflects the ideals of back to nature, to the plantations, to the origin of coffee…

These back-to-the-roots ideas inspired k2design, to create a new brand identity using the jungle-inspired primitive figures to build an authentic, bold & minimal personality for Cortese Caffè, which is now a brand with a sustainable, eco-friendly, and pure character.

Curator’s Insight

The creative choice of using jungle-inspired primitive illustrations adds authenticity, and bold personality to Cortese Caffè. It’s also a visual reminder of the wild and untouched origins of coffee and it connects consumers with the very heart of where coffee is born.


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