Cinematic Wine, also known as “КиноВино” in Russian, is a project that blends two distinct worlds: the captivating realm of movies and the refined art of winemaking. The primary objective of this project was to accentuate the unique qualities and allure of wine, and to achieve this, I employed the visual elements reminiscent of Russian movie tickets in the design. This encompassed everything from the layout to the text style, resulting in a design that encapsulates the essence of cinematic storytelling.

The use of Russian movie ticket aesthetics allowed me to infuse the wine experience with an element of suspense and anticipation, much like the excitement that precedes the opening credits of a captivating film.

The materials used in this projects: Bendito Mockups, font Right Gothic by PangramPangramStudio and font Receipt by Anya Eremeeva.This project was completed as part of my art direction course at HSE Art and Design School. Additionally, I would like to thank my tutor, Tatyana Dunaeva, whose expertise and mentorship were invaluable throughout this project.


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