Studio Boam

Experimental creative studio specializing in the drinks, wines and spirits sector.

105 kilometers of railway

Red Lake whiskey, a project developed by Studio Boam, is the result of a blend of the classic visual codes of American whiskeys and an allegory of the Industrial Revolution of the United States in the late 19th century.

Red Lake has historically been a stopover town on the Grand Canyon Railway. This rail line that originally connected the town of Williams to Grand Canyon National Park was always considered one of the most upscale transportation experiences of the time.

The locomotive, a historic symbol of major technological evolution, is now the emblem of the new Red Lake reference product, with its discreet appearance on the bottle labeling. This nod to speed acts as an invitation to travel and discovery. The world evoked by this design carries us away to a place and a time with a vibrant, colorful and festive atmosphere, with a dynamic label design that refers to the dynamism of a moving object and to the artistic movement of Futurism.

The composition of the label’s sub-spaces evokes a casino storefront on a Las Vegas Boulevard, luminous and hypnotic. The repetition of lines and almost luminous bands appeal to the consumer’s eye and directs the gaze towards the text areas and the multiple details and finishes of the design.

Gilding and colored metallization disrupt the classic codes of a drink that is rather too often attached to the stereotypical world of the Wild-West cowboy.

Red Lake is the whiskey that reinterprets the classic and somewhat static vision of a dusty American Far West with thick and masculine typography, counterbalanced by a dynamic and exuberant packaging that symbolizes a certain exhilaration with the emergence of new technologies.

Curator’s Insight

The connection between Red Lake whiskey and the Grand Canyon Railway adds a layer of historical depth and it’s an ode to a bygone era when railways were the epitome of luxury and sophistication.