Vigno by Freire Lobo


5000 Vila Real, Portugal

We’ve designed a label that captures the essence of Dão and the vision of winemaker Elisa Lobo.

A Journey of discovery and respect for terroir.​​​​​​ We present the figure of Elisa Lobo, a winemaker who shares her passion for terroir and respect for the land. She invites everyone to embark on a journey of discovery, just like her wines.

As you gaze at the label, we invite you to observe an opening, a magical passage to the world of Dão. The vegetation peeking through this gap represents the deep connection to the land, hard work, and authenticity that this wine embodies.

As the bottle turns, Elisa Lobo’s character emerges from the other side, as if ready to embark on that journey. It’s a symbolic representation of the journey that each bottle of Vigno offers to wine enthusiasts—a journey of discovery and respect for terroir.


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