IPG Guard – Blister Card

Med Lakhdari

Graphic Designer I Expert in Packaging & Labels Designs

IPG Guard (Invisible Phone Guard) is an American brand of SCREENS Protectors. IPG replaces bulky cases and brittle covers as the essential choice for protecting electronics. IPG’s unique structure provides self-healing for your existing scratches. It does not interfere with the operation of touch-sensitive screens and allows for easy docking and interruption-free use.

The objective of this project is to create visually Appealing, Modern and Powerful Blister card packaging for a new range of IPG products.

The overall style is Modern, Powerful and attractive. My Concept is focused on the range name “ProActive” very stand-out out vertically, and the shield shape is symbolic of strong “Protection”. The black background with the Silver Metallic effects gives a Premium Look.  Finally, all icons & texts are well arranged in both Front and back.

The new design is aesthetically Technologic and Informative and making it stand out from the competitors and reflecting its premium quality.


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