Med Lakhdari

Graphic Designer I Expert in Packaging & Labels Designs

Aore Island is a small island situated off the main island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

Aore Island Coffee is a single-origin Arabica coffee that was originally planted and grown by the French in 1930’s -1980’s when the French left the Vanuatu islands. Having re-established the plantation, Aore Island Coffee is now re-growing, harvesting, processing and roasting the coffee on the island thereby helping our local people obtain a sustainable income.

Hand harvesting, wet processing, and sun drying at our Factory ensures Aore Island coffee is a rich well well-balanced coffee with characteristics of acidity, smooth body and flavour.

My task on this project is to create visually appealing and unique packaging for Aore Island Coffee. The first step is the Logo, my choice was a rounded badge with Island style, and its color was a very dark Brown tone, symbolic of roasted Coffee beans.

The concept of Bag packaging consists of two particularities; the first is the coffee bean branches, very Colorful (Green leaves, Red coffee beans, white flowers), and this is as symbol of “Organic” and “Tropical”. The second key is the specific background, which is a Golden metallic bag.

The final result of this unique combination of raw colorful coffee branches on a Golden bag is very attractive and distinctive, and it refers to the tropical paradises (islands) with their wonderful nature.


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