KAKOGO? Mystery Box Gift Packaging

KAKOGO? – Gift mystery boxes for adults. Both the gifter and the recipient will experience a bunch of different emotions because no one knows what’s inside the box. The person, who decided to gift this box, chooses only a list of items that do not fit a recipient of the mystery box. Everything else is absolutely “random”. The brand’s identity reflects the emotions of receiving such a box – complete confusion, incomprehension, and at the same time a set of bright emotions and a logical question: why…? (Means “kakogo?” in the Russian language)

Exhibited in this case is a mystery box set that is basic, and its contents will be useful for everyone without exception. You or your loved one, who will get this box, will be able to start their evening with a can of branded cider, then, wearing a warm hoodie sit at the table with friends and play poker. If there are fewer people and more alcohol, a game of strip cards is just what you need to take full advantage of the kit’s contents. And the thongs? Save them for later occasion, nobody knows what life will bring you, so who’s going to turn them down?