Amat Design

Londrina, PR, Brasil

Baum is a company from the state of Paraná, in Brazil, that produces frozen fruits, and with the evolution of the market, it decided to increase its product line, which led to the emergence of açaí cream with guaraná and frozen fruit pulp. To launch the new products, the company decided to update its entire brand, visual identity, and product packaging.

To redesign the brand, research was carried out on patterns and trends in the frozen fruit market, seeking references from brands around the world. With all the information collected, the new logo was developed, and color and texture patterns were defined for the redesign of frozen fruit packaging. Based on the new visual identity, the packaging for açaí and the new line of frozen fruit pulps were also developed. In the packaging of frozen fruits, we use the Stand Up Pouch, to obtain a more elegant final product, and to facilitate the storage and display of the product at points of sale.


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