Admil Formula: Redefining the Concept of Premium

Amat Design

Londrina, PR, Brasil

The redesign of Admil Formula, a brand that was already recognized in the market, but that needed a renovation to recover its premium value and communicate the exceptional quality of its products.

The first step to revitalizing Admil Formula was to modernize its visual identity. We opted for a contemporary approach, with clean lines and a revitalized color palette. Choosing modern colors not only updates the brand image, but also conveys vitality and freshness to consumers.

We introduced graphic elements that highlight the superior quality of Admil Formula products. Subtle details have been incorporated to create a sense of sophistication. These visual elements instantly communicate that the brand is committed to excellence in each formula.

The choice of refined typography contributed significantly to the premium feel. Modern and elegant letters were selected to convey professionalism and confidence. Readability has been improved, ensuring the brand message is clear and impactful.

Recognizing the importance of packaging in the perception of the product, we invested in high quality materials. The packaging was rethought to offer practicality to the consumer, while the aesthetic details give it a modern and premium aesthetic. Metallic touches were incorporated to emphasize the exclusivity of Admil Formula.

The end result of the Admil Formula redesign is a brand that re-emerges with a renewed image and a revitalized premium appeal. The combination of a modern visual identity, graphic elements that communicate quality, refined typography and valued packaging puts Admil Formula back at the top of the market, standing out as a premium choice for demanding consumers.
This redesign not only updates the brand to contemporary standards, but also reinforces the message that Admil Formula remains committed to providing high quality products, consolidating itself as a reference in the segment.