Amat Design

Londrina, PR, Brasil

We are pleased to present the packaging design project developed for Nutri Prime, a new pet food brand committed to offering the best for your pets. Our objective in creating this visual identity was to convey the excellence and exceptional quality of Nutri Prime products.

Refined Concepts: When conceiving the design, we prioritized elements that evoke a refined and premium look. We opted for a sophisticated color palette, combining elegant tones that communicate a feeling of refinement and care. This choice directly reflects the quality of the ingredients present in Nutri Prime rations.

The packaging was created with an exclusive design, highlighting the brand in a clear and concise way, allowing the consumer’s attention to be directed to the main message: the promise of superior quality.

Small details have been carefully integrated into the design to convey a unique experience. Metallic details and textures were applied, providing a sensation that reinforces the idea of premium quality. Furthermore, the chosen typography conveys modernity and confidence, consolidating Nutri Prime’s identity.

Nutri Prime seeks to set new standards in the pet food industry, and the packaging design reflects this commitment. Every aspect has been meticulously planned to communicate the message that Nutri Prime products are an exceptional choice for those looking for the best for their pets.

In short, the packaging design project for Nutri Prime aims not only to highlight the brand in the market, but also to convey the promise of quality and care that defines the essence of Nutri Prime. A combination that results in packaging that captures attention and conveys the superior quality that the brand represents.