The concept for the deGarmo project was to create a luxurious and enchanting perfume brand inspired by the serene beauty of winter and the glistening allure of frost. The packaging embodies the ethereal essence of the winter season and reflects the essence of the fragrance collection. The fragrance collection features a range of captivating scents, each inspired by different aspects of winter. A captivating blend of crisp, cool notes, delicate florals, and warm, comforting undertones, capturing the essence of a winter landscape.

The color palette incorporates shades of icy blue, shimmering silver, and warm gray. The bottle cap is crafted from exquisite frosted glass, reminiscent of icy crystals, with sleek, minimalistic silhouette. The caps and accents are adorned with delicate silver details, adding a touch of luxury. Each fragrance is presented in a box adorned with key hole silhouette inviting the user to step into the enchanting world of winter wonderland and discover the miracles hidden within.


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