Creating a Comprehensive Corporate Identity for “TDEF” 

About clients

“TDEF’ — is the leading East European supplier of promotional products for FMCG brands, products for federal networks (non-food), and corporate branded gifts. The company is chosen by renowned brands such as Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Tchibo, Clarins, Amway, Tinkoff, Tander, and others. They have the ability to implement ideas of any complexity, are always open to new proposals, and thoroughly study trends and materials. The company expected the same level of results and dedication from us and the corporate style we would offer them.

Objective and Idea

Our task was to develop a full range of services to create a corporate identity for “TDEF”. We aimed to express their uniqueness, speed, and versatility while emphasizing their high level of service and the quality embodiment of ideas. Our idea was to create a style that combined modernity, professionalism, and attention to detail.


We started by developing the corporate style, which included creating visual identity, color palettes, typography, design elements, and animation. We conducted in-depth analytics, carried out strategic analysis, and modeled a concept that best reflected the values and character of “TDEF”.


The result of our work was a unique and memorable logo that embodies the essence and style of “TDEF”. The logo was developed using modern design techniques and carefully chosen to stand out among competitors and enhance brand recognition.


The corporate style and positioning we created helped “Tovarny Deficit” strengthen its reputation as the primary supplier of promotional products for leading brands. The overall concept and style were successfully implemented in the logo, which became a key element of the company’s brand identity.


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