Kumquat Medicinal Tea



Kumquat tea

“Mi Hyang” is a brand that is cherished and nurtured with love and the desire to preserve and introduce a part of ancient traditional cultural values. Mi Hyang was formed from enthusiasm in the journey of discovering, feeling and experiencing the traditional cultural values of the Vietnamese people. Realizing that modern life cannot be separated from traditional cultural roots and the journey to rediscover herself, Mi Hyang carries the fragrance of love to preserve and spread the old fragrances.

Mi Hyang was established to develop quality pure Vietnamese products such as Vietnamese Agarwood, Vietnamese Tea, Vietnamese Calligraphy, nostalgic style furniture… contributing to creating high quality products in the market, bringing to consumers. Using products with true value, creating a reputable brand in the market as well as contributing to helping the market have the best choices for consumers.

Kim Quat Duoc Tea is Mi Hyang’s “Super Product” product line, the inspiration for traditional Indochina-style products with two unique images: Happiness – Plum Blossom.

Guest birds in ancient times were called Goddesses. This bird is also associated with many ancient legends, most notably the story of Niu Lan – Chuc Nu. In ancient stories, the Guest Bird often appears as a bird that brings luck and good news, so in many places the Guest Bird is also known as the Ruler of Happiness. Combined with the image of apricot flowers as a symbol of good luck and fortune, additional images: Mountains, ocean waves with implications of health and longevity.

The concept carries the message of the product “Premium medicinal tea”, enjoying tea with a spirit of wisdom and peace. The product is a health and luck gift for relatives, friends, customers, and partners!