Banh Kinh Ky Chung

Inspired by the legend “Banh Chung-Banh Giay”, this is a story associated with Vietnamese culture during the country’s founding period. When King Hung wanted to find a unique and meaningful dish. Of all the descendants of King Hung, only Tiet Lieu (Lang Lieu) thought differently. In a dream, a god showed him: “There is nothing more precious in heaven and earth than rice, because rice is the food that nourishes people.” Use sticky rice to make round and square cakes symbolizing Heaven and Earth. Use leaves to wrap and put the filling inside the cake to symbolize biological parents. And banh chung is the dish most appreciated by King Hung. Banh Chung not only symbolizes the nation but also carries the traditional meaning of drinking water to commemorate the nation’s roots and pay tribute to the birth of the nation. Since then, banh chung has been considered a gift to kings and also appears during holidays. In Vietnam.

From that source of inspiration, the idea for Hoa Lan Foods’ Kinh Ky Fresh Banh Chung product was formed. The entire work simulates the process of making banh chung by Lang Lieu to present to King Hung. With this meaning, it also implies that Hoa Lan Foods’ Kinh Ky Fresh Banh Chung product is a high-end product, associated with Vietnamese culture and also demonstrates the meticulousness in the product creation process of Hoa Lan Foods. Foods. Food. Orchid food.

The illustration style is inspired by traditional Vietnamese paintings, folk drawings combined with rustic, familiar drawings. Kinh Ky Fresh Chung Cake is a “Precious – Meaningful – Exquisite” gift, not only aesthetic but also expressing pride in Vietnamese cultural heritage.