Premium Stew Soup

Product description: Stemming from the love for premium dishes, imbued with Asian flavors, HOA LAN FOODS has researched and created a line of PREMIUM BROWN SOUP foods through the combination of fresh ingredients. , selected with rare folk medicines and unique esoteric formulas HOA LAN FOODS brings the delicious, rich and nutritious flavor of stewed soup to everyone. With sincerity and the desire to touch the hearts of diners, HOA LAN FOODS confidently becomes the NO. 1 SOUP BRAND IN VIETNAM.

Imbued with the ideology and philosophy of the Brand’s products, Lucky Brand develops the Premium Soup and Stew product line with the main style of Asian style, each concept is associated with the product content and contains each content. meaning. The designs we make are very precise and sophisticated with the desire to express the spirit, meticulousness and thoughtfulness of each product that Hoa Lan Foods wants to convey to all customers.
The value achieved in this entire design clearly demonstrates the spirit and message of the product, while creating a unique identity for the Hoa Lan Foods Brand Premium Canh Ham line in the market. In this project, Lucky Brand, as a creative consultant, synchronously designs a product set including: Set of 6 boxes, single box, label, product bag.

Designed by: Lucky Brand Agency
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