Son Cuoc Group Packaging




Brand Story
Starting the journey to bring great health values ​​through the quintessence of traditional medicine to the Vietnamese community across the country, Son Cuoc Group has been making constant efforts to develop and improve quality products and services, aiming to hold the leading position in the field of comprehensive health care.

Tây Bắc materials and the inspiration of “Miền Sơn Cước” in design concept!

When implementing the idea for the design concept, we focused on the brand story, the cultural identity of the Tây Bắc region in general because these are the images associated with the birth of the Son Cuoc brand. Images of nature: mountains, forests, terraced fields or brocade motifs on items are used by us as materials and developed into the brand’s characteristic graphic motifs.

Bringing cultural elements into the concept: With the concept that cultural elements are values ​​that are preserved forever, through generations, it represents a unique identity and longevity, this is also the goal of building and developing a strong, far-reaching brand of Son Cuoc Group. The appearance of typical images and brocade motifs on items and packaging both evokes the above values, and also shows the difference of the brand.

In this project, we implemented the following items: Design of brand identity system, product identity system (packaging and labels), communication publications (POSM) …