Petitmoulin Studio and Bopo Women proudly present the exquisite Little Luxuries Gift Set, a result of our unique collaboration that encapsulates the spirit of the Bopo Women brand with a festive touch.

Bopo Women, a brand championing uniqueness and self-love in defiance of societal beauty norms, inspired us to craft a unique Gift Set that resonates with enchantment and magic. The “Little Luxuries” Gift Set celebrates the brand’s first foray into the world of enchanting and surprising custom designs.

In our quest to embody the whimsical and unconventional essence of Bopo Women, we designed a custom packaging inspired by a soft, generous cloud and a rainbow adorned with sweet colors from the brand’s palette. This bespoke packaging aims to enhance the magical and surprising world of Bopo Women, creating a truly captivating experience.

Petitmoulin Studio collaborated with the renowned artist Vanja Vukelic, whose handmade illustrations grace the Gift Set to elevate the design further. Surrealist women characters float above cozy clouds, surrounded by a few key ingredients, all against the backdrop of a vibrant rainbow.
Luxury details such as embossed and iridescent clouds and a matte and shiny rainbow with gold accents enrich the overall packaging, creating a visually stunning tactile experience.

Every detail of the Little Luxuries Gift Set has been meticulously crafted to make it a precious, surprising, and desirable item—one that people will eagerly gift or treasure for themselves.

Our aim was to showcase the collaboration’s artistry and reinforce the Bopo Women philosophy, amplify the brand’s unique positioning, and expand its product offerings with a one-of-a-kind and dedicated creation.