After the successful launch of the Serenity product, Naali took a groundbreaking stride by entrusting our design studio with the task of redefining its Art Direction for the introduction of Cycle.

Our mission was multifaceted, encompassing the definition of a new Art Direction, curating a premium and desirable color palette, and meticulously crafting a fresh packaging layout. The goal was to create an iconic product that seamlessly blended the essence of a premium natural laboratory with a distinctly feminine aesthetic.

The result is a design that not only reflects Naali’s unwavering commitment to innovation but also signifies a bold departure from traditional dietary supplement norms.

Cycle is a powerful embodiment of a visual identity that transcends industry standards. It captures the very essence of modern femininity, setting the stage for a new era of Naali’s upcoming products.

This groundbreaking formula, harnessing the scientifically proven benefits of saffron, offers a natural and efficient solution for women during their menstrual cycles, ensuring a more comfortable and harmonious experience.

Our design studio’s collaboration with Naali to redefine its Art Direction and create Cycle has led to a remarkable transformation for the brand. Since the introduction of Cycle and the refreshing brand design, Naali has achieved a unique elevation in the market. The distinctive packaging, premium color palette, and innovative product offerings have set Naali apart.

Naali has become synonymous with excellence in the industry, and a commitment to improving women’s lives through nature-inspired solutions continues to resonate with discerning customers.