Gentle pasteurization from the AGROLA brand is a revolutionary solution for the Ukrainian fresh bread market! A unique line of pasteurized breads, based on an unusual approach to production, our own author’s recipe, and original flavors.

Since the product is unique to the Ukrainian market, its packaging had to be different from everyone else’s. We have found a wonderful metaphor that is intimately connected with bread and has deep symbolism – it is a millstone. They are different. Each milestone has its unique pattern of internal ridges, which makes it as special as our high-recipe bread. After all, each of our recipes is special. For each package, we have chosen a different image of the millstones and the corresponding background color so that you can easily find your favorite flavor.


Vataga Agency

Creative Director: Costya Khmeliuk
Art Director: Nazar Kumanovsky
Graphic Designer: Alina Kravchenko
Project Manager: Ostap Malashnyak