“Tasty Salt” is a finishing salt that is added a few minutes before the dish is ready or immediately before serving. This is a simple and convenient product for everyone, so the packaging design had to be simple, light and bright. Each package has a special combination of contrasting colors and a picture of the main ingredients that are added to the salt and give it an original and unique taste.

In addition, each package has a transparent window of a characteristic shape, so that everyone can easily see what they are buying. These are simplified forms of sea waves indicating the origin of the salt. As a result, we have the same bright packaging as the taste that the dish acquires together with “Tasty Salt”.

Curator’s Insight: The contrasting colors and the pictures of the main ingredients catch my eye and make me curious about the taste. The transparent window of a wave shape is a clever way to show the product and its origin, as well as to create a visual harmony among the different varieties.


Vataga Agency

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Costya Khmeliuk
Graphic Designer: Nataliya Duda
Supervisor: Marta Khmarna
Photographer: Taras Gipp
Project Manage: Ostap Malashnyak