SCRITCH* Le bruit de la craie

SCRITCH* Le bruit de la craie. / SCRITCH* The sound of chalk. / Cyprien Arlaud, a renowned Burgundy winemaker, has discovered exceptional white terroirs in his wanderings through the French vineyards and decided to create a strong, creative brand. Chardonnay – Aligoté – Chablis – Riesling etc. … A range that has been in great demand since its launch. The design is a nod to the small paintings in the cellars of Domaine Arlaud, where his children still have fun doodling during vinification. Cyprien quickly adopted the name SCRITCH* the sound of chalk. A name that ultimately proves to be modern, clear and international. Top-of-the-range wines with a winemaker’s spirit, whose graphic accessibility will delight lovers of simple things.