Teeling Whiskey Crystal Malt Irish Whiskey


Chicago, IL, USA

The Teeling family have developed a name for innovation in distilling, maturation and finishing of their whiskey which sets them apart from the rest. The new release of Teeling Whiskey Crystal Malt is an testament to this – a Limited Edition Single Malt that is an embodiment of innovation, featuring Crystal Malt in the mash bill and maturation in American Virgin Oak Barrels. To be one of the first to use Crystal Malt in their mashbill, which gives this product a distinct toffee-like flavours.

The bottle is a dark screen printed bottle, using various printing techniques. From the captivating screen print on the bottle to the exclusive Marque™ material aluminum label, every element is a testament to the craftsmanship behind Teeling Whiskey. The brand brand mark embodies the evolution of whiskey and Teeling Whiskey, seamlessly integrates crystal marks and the iconic phoenix, incorporating texture metallic foil for a touch of sophistication. We believe in pushing the boundaries of tradition, and this Crystal Malt Whiskey is a true reflection of our commitment to unconventional expressions.

The secondary packaging, is an extension of the bottle and uncoated paper stock that adds another textural dimension to the bottle, an organic feel that compliments the bottle working well with foil and spot finishing. There is a seamless pattern of diamonds that seamlessly wraps around the tube adds an extra layer of visual appeal.

The end result is a visually striking brand design that embodies the Teeling’s innovation to doing things their way!