Burlock and Barrel Distillers Select


Chicago, IL, USA

Brand Hatch Creative established a long-term partnership with Burlock and Barrel Distillers of Florida when the distillery was in its conceptual stages. We were integral in forming their brand, dictating its direction, and distinguishing it from competitors. To realize this, we developed a brand identity complete with custom typography for use across various platforms, collateral, and packaging.

The company name pays homage to notorious bootlegger William Frederick McCoy – famously referred to as “Bill McCoy” – who dominated Rum Row during the prohibition period and popularized the phrase “the real McCoy.” He was also credited with inventing the “burlock,” a method of bundling six straw-wrapped bottles, three on the bottom, two, and then one, a method the company took their name from.

The Burlock and Barrel distillery is situated on the banks of the St John’s River in Jacksonville, close to the same place Bill McCoy ran his business during the 1920s. Subsequently, Brand Hatch Creative was tasked to conceptualize their next release following the release of their “Burlock and Barrel Reserve Whiskey.” Starting with an idea, we crafted the “Burlock and Barrel Distillers Select” brand name and provided creative design and direction. We dedicated great consideration to the production of this brand, designing its packaging, identity, copywriting and carefully selecting label stock and finishing’s.

Ultimately, this project delivered a whiskey that stands out from the rest: “A Whiskey with Standards.”