Teeling Whiskey 40 Year Old Single Malt


Chicago, IL, USA

Introducing a Modern Classic, one of the rarest Irish Single Malts ever released, and a true gem: Teeling Whiskey Vintage Reserve 40-Year-Old Single Malt, a piece of Irish whiskey history. As one of the rarest and oldest Irish Single Malts ever released, this exquisite offering is limited to just 140 bottles, making it a prized possession for any whiskey connoisseur.

Crafted with attention to detail and shaped by the unique Irish weather, this exceptional whiskey marks one of the oldest releases in the Irish whiskey category and the oldest ever from Teeling Whiskey. Distilled in 1983 and aged exclusively in ex-American oak bourbon barrels, this single malt has been bottled at 42.2%, capturing a truly unique taste experience. The cool, humid Irish climate over 40 years has contributed to a complex floral nose with deep, layered flavors, reflecting its remarkable journey.

In collaboration with Teeling Whiskey, we’ve created a packaging design that embodies luxury and elegance, befitting this extraordinary whiskey. The bottle features a luxurious metal gold badge with the iconic Teeling Phoenix within a unique brand mark for the 40YO release, embossed and debossed to complement the neck collar and premium metal cork closure. A thick base marque label complements the gold and black finishes across the bottle. The Teeling brand logo is engraved and infilled with gold, and the phoenix is sandblasted on the back, adding to its opulence.

The premium wooden box, opening from the side, combines wood, leather, and premium materials to create a unique unpacking experience. The box features a gorgeous wood marbling and high-shine finish with premium metal details that mimic the bottle’s finishings. Engraved and infilled with gold, the seamless flow design on the sides of the pack mimics wood grain and the Teeling brand mark of the phoenix, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The end result is a super-premium package that houses this exceptional whiskey, that represents Irish whiskeys continued dominance and revival in the world of whiskey.