BRANDEXPERT “Freedom Island” presented a completely new brand of the residential complex “ZHIVOPISNIY SAD” for the federal development company DARS.

The residential quarter in Khabarovsk was developed with an emphasis on improvement and landscape design and includes 25 houses with full infrastructure.

The main idea of the branding is to display the concept of the “ZHIVOPISNIY SAD” as an excellent, cozy place to live, where ecology and aesthetics are uniquely combined.

The development of the name of the residential complex emphasizes the special attention to nature, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of their apartments and delightful landscapes while walking through green areas.

Creating a unique corporate identity included several key stages. First of all, an analysis of the target audience, research of competitors and identification of key values that were to be reflected in the corporate style were carried out.

The corporate identity was developed taking into account the understanding that the Picturesque Garden embodies a unique combination of comfort, nature and beauty. It had to convey freshness and lightness, while also creating a cozy and welcoming feel.

Thus, an important element in creating a unique corporate style was to take into account modern trends in design, as well as emphasize the natural beauty and comfort of the new “ZHIVOPISNIY SAD” project.


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