DAREL specializes in manufacturing stylish, practical and durable plastic products for the home and garden, ensuring comfort in modern living. From bathroom accessories and lunch boxes to decorative elements and storage systems — wherever DAREL products are used, people find applications that match their lifestyle.

BRANDEXPERT agency conducted a rebranding of DAREL, during which a logo, corporate identity, packaging design and labels were developed. As part of the brand’s marketing strategy on marketplaces, professional photoshoots of all product lines were conducted. To effectively position the company in B2C and B2B segments a new website was developed.

In line with the brand’s philosophy, the new DAREL logo serves as a visual symbol of functionality and reliability. The corporate identity reflects modern design trends, expressing the company’s key values: a commitment to innovation and high quality to ensure the comfort of modern families in everyday life.

One of the key elements of successful rebranding was the new packaging design and labels. It not only attracts the audience’s attention but also serves as an effective tool for conveying information about the products. Attention to detail in the brand’s visual communication emphasizes the high standard of quality that DAREL adheres to in manufacturing its products.

Professional product photography also played a crucial role in creating an attractive brand image on marketplaces. High-quality images of products not only highlight their functionality but also create an emotional perception, allowing potential buyers to better envision how DAREL products fit into their daily lives.

Special attention was paid to creating a new website, which has become an effective communication tool with consumers. The new site not only provides detailed information about the products but also reflects the company’s values and mission. Intuitive navigation and stylish design have made the site appealing to a wide audience, contributing to attracting both retail and corporate clients.

All these changes in the brand’s visual communication have made DAREL more competitive. The results of rebranding are manifested not only in increased sales but also in strengthening the company’s image as a modern manufacturer of innovative and stylish solutions for the home and garden.


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