The international brand of children’s hygiene, PINKISS, is built on innovative technologies and materials specifically designed for the unique needs of a child’s body.

The product range includes basic diapers and panties, velvety PINKISS PREMIUM, absorbent PINKISS BABY NIGHT for nighttime use, the eco-friendly series PINKISS BAMBOO and special children’s wet wipes.

Based on a global understanding of parental needs, BRANDEXPERT agency has created a modern brand that conveys ideas of safety, comfort and care for children.

The brand name consists of vibrant, emotional elements: «pink» signifies new life, lightness, coziness, and warmth, while «kiss» symbolizes endless love and tenderness.

In the PIKISS logo, in balance of clarity and sophistication, synergizes delicate care and expertise. Each element of the brand style reflects an innovative philosophy, creating a unified and appealing image for the PINKISS brand audience. The visual strategy is embodied in the packaging design, which, in addition to maximum convenience and functionality, emphasizes age groups through photography style.

PINKISS product lines are differentiated by specially designed mascots: the llama (for basic PINKISS), the koala (for PINKISS PREMIUM), and the panda (for PINKISS BAMBOO). These characters symbolize comfort, protection, and tenderness, giving the brand’s products uniqueness and creating an atmosphere of joy and care.

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