Development Of The Eco-brand Biolio


BRANDEXPRT agency has developed the eco-brand BIOLIO. The project included the creation of a vibrant and memorable brand name that clearly reflects the brand’s concept, as well as a visual communication strategy: logo and corporate identity, packaging design, and labels.

BIOLIO is a Russian manufacturer of environmentally friendly products, including natural oils and a unique range of products of healthy food, free from preservatives and artificial additives.

The brand name «biolio» conveys the core values of the company: naturalness, ecological consciousness, high quality, and health benefits. All BIOLIO products are produced using the cold-press method to preserve the beneficial properties and natural flavors bestowed by nature.

Special attention was given to the development of an appealing and expressive visual positioning strategy for the new brand. A professional photoshoot was conducted to create high-quality visual materials that effectively showcase the brand and its products across different platforms and communication channels.

During the brand’s development and market promotion, efforts were made to create effective designs for advertising materials. Additionally, a company website was developed and launched, serving as an essential tool for brand presentation and reaching a wide audience.

The company continues to expand its product offerings, including expanding its oil collections and developing innovative products such as flaxseed flour, protein flour, and various cereals actively used in nutritious breakfasts, either as standalone options or as additions to one’s diet. BRANDEXPRT agency consistently develops new packaging designs for the growing product range.

BIOLIO actively pursues an omnichannel business model, including a presence on marketplaces. To achieve goals of increasing product recognition and popularity, a specific brand strategy was developed and implemented on these platforms.

The developed visual solutions create uniqueness for BIOLIO, forming a cohesive brand perception. The communication strategy contributes to a higher level of consumer trust and the establishment of a positive image for the products and the company as a whole.


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