Why is it important for children to play with dolls? For a child, a doll serves as a mediator between the world of children and the adult world. Play helps the child form ideas about what is good and what is bad, develops character and a sense of beauty. Parents who want to raise kind and well-rounded individuals should carefully consider their choice of toys.

The Sweet Sisters collection consists of handmade soft-filled frame dolls by Orange Toys, the largest Russian company manufacturing soft toys. The collection currently features six original characters, each with its unique style and personality. The collection also includes fashionable clothes and accessories that individualize the doll’s look.

BRANDEXPERT created the Sweet Sisters brand from scratch. The creative team developed the trademarked name and gave names to the characters. Each character’s image was meticulously crafted with special attention given to the dolls’ faces. The goal was to create something as beautiful as every child’s childhood should be. One of the dolls was inspired by a charming employee of the Agency.

To create a unique playing experience, original gift packaging was designed: magnificent slide-out boxes featuring illustrations of the characters and a description of the collection on the back. The sturdy cardboard part allows turning the box into a wardrobe for clothes and accessories or a doll’s bed.

Sweet Sisters are not just toys; they are loyal friends. Children will enjoy spending time with them, fostering imagination and empathy while becoming responsible and caring little adults.


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