How to create a drinking water brand based on the concept of health care, environmental consciousness and mindful consumption. Step-by-step instructions using a unique case study.

WATERFUL is the first Russian spring water brand, carefully crafted with a focus on health and the environment. Its main feature is the pristine spring source, located in the picturesque foothills of the Caucasus, surrounded by pristine forests that make up the natural reserve «Solionoe Ozero».

Crystal-clear water is packaged in eco-friendly packaging, which preserves the freshness and natural qualities of the water. After use, the packaging does not become waste and does not harm the environment. Instead, it can be recycled, helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The effective visual communication strategy played a crucial role in conveying the values of the WATERFUL brand that are inherent in the product itself. It aimed to capture the consumer`s attention and emphasize the key advantages of the brand.

BRANDEXPERT agency took on the mission of developing a comprehensive branding for WATERFUL.

Based on thorough market research and competitor analysis, the project team developed the trademark «waterful», positioning strategy and minimalist packaging style that reflects naturalness and environmental care.

The logo, visual identity and advertising communications were designed to highlight the brand’s unique qualities, reflecting its mission and values shared with a modern audience with an active lifestyle, supporting the idea of sustainable development.

The name «waterful» is rich with diverse meanings and emotions, reflecting the brand’s philosophy. This neologism was carefully crafted, utilizing vivid semantics that combine the concept of «water» with words such as «beautiful», «tasteful», «healthful», «mindful», and «careful».

«Waterful» is not just a name; it is a symbol of a mindful approach to choosing high-quality drinking water for people who care about their health and the health of the planet. It represents a new concept that embodies a whole philosophy of care, beauty and harmony.

Each design element reflects the ideas and values that underlie WATERFUL, serving as a manifestation of the brand’s essence and uniqueness.

The brand’s logo embodies an elegant and graceful form, symbolizing the purity and naturalness of spring water. Its sophistication reflects the brand’s commitment to refinement and product quality, emphasizing its superiority in the drinking water category.

The minimalist visual style permeates the entire visual strategy of WATERFUL, giving the brand a concise and elegant appearance. This concept not only enhances the perception of the brand as modern and stylish but also reflects the naturalness and purity of its origin, aligning perfectly with the philosophy of caring for health and the environment.

The brand’s color palette revolves around an abundance of white and light blue tones. White symbolizes the natural purity of spring water, while light blue shades are associated with freshness. This color scheme not only reflects the brand’s focus on the highest quality but also conveys its commitment to environmental care and preserving nature in its pristine form.

The design of WATERFUL packaging emphasizes aesthetics and functionality, blending minimalism with informativeness. It captivates attention with its free and elegant appearance while clearly showcasing the principles of environmental responsibility that are at the core of the brand.

Thanks to a creative approach, strategic thinking, and unwavering dedication, the project team succeeded in crafting a powerful brand image for WATERFUL, ready to captivate consumer`s hearts and carve out its place in the market of premium quality drinking water.


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