São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Aliança Chocolates – Packaging design by Estúdio Capim

Logo, packaging, and visual identity creation for Aliança, a Brazilian family brand of chocolate that has a responsible and sustainable production. The brand’s chocolates are pure, refined, and have an intense flavor, concepts that are reflected in the visual solution.

The visual project aimed to position the product as natural, handmade, sustainable, and in the premium chocolate category. The project also sought to enable easy differentiation between versions while ensuring visual consistency across the product line.

To communicate the natural and sustainable characteristics of the product, as Aliança chocolates are crafted in an artisanal manner from planting to fruit selection, the solution was to create organic illustrations of cocoa fruits, leaves, and flowers on the top of all packaging in the line. The black color, also present in all packaging as a background, brings classical refinement and flavor differentiation through colors. The chocolate bar design, conceived by us, was inspired by the same diagonals of the packaging design, reminiscent of diamond shapes.

Aliança chocolates are part of the tree-to-bar movement, which is increasing prominence in the Brazilian market as people seek natural, handcrafted, thoughtful, and sustainable products. At Aliança Farm, cocoa seedlings are planted beneath native trees of the Atlantic Forest, aiming to preserve the region’s fauna and flora.