GHTK (Giaohangtietkiem) Rebrand

M — N Associates

50 Đường Nguyễn Văn Mai, Phường 8, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam


Giao Hàng Tiết Kiệm (GHTK) is the biggest and leading logistics and delivery service providers in Vietnam. GHTK plays a pivotal role in the logistics ecosystem of Vietnam, offering cost-effective, reliable, and efficient delivery services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals across the country. In January 2022, GHTK was made the Vietnam National Brand, proudly recognized for its reliable and affordable delivery services.

To deliver their next journey, GHTK chose to shorten their name for faster, friendlier and easier recognizable as brand appearance. The rebrand expands its organizational vision, brand strategy, design, internal culture, and brand experience, this rebrand reflects GHTK’s dedication to innovative solutions and encourages individuals (self-sufficient retailers) of all capabilities to engage with their delivery.


The logotype draws inspiration from the motorcycle wheel, visual representations of narrow alleys on maps, and the rapidly evolving roadway transportation system. These elements are iconic imagery of Vietnamese traffic and form the basis of GHTK’s identity.

Alongside the new “Confident Smile” brand icon, designed for seamless digital application, it embodies the joy and assurance of both shippers and users.

Design Principles

Inspired deeply with the vibrancy of Vietnam’s traffic and transportation system, all influenced elements such as lighting, speed and sound become the design principles for GHTK brand elements, color choice and motions.

Multi-brand System and Emojis

The newly designed brand structure enables a more human-centric approach, facilitating further expansion and ensuring greater consistency across all sub-branding channels.

Speedy Branded Animation

We’ve crafted a dynamic motion for typography appearance, drawing inspiration from the rapid pace of Vietnam’s traffic and the vibrant, colorful imagery captured through low shutter speeds. This motion seeks to showcase the beauty of Vietnam’s lifestyle in an engaging and energetic manner.


DJR Forma Text Black Italic as display branded typeface for bold and speedy appearance

Credits —

Branding firm: M — N Associates

Creative Director: Duy — N

Digital Director: Anh Nguyễn

Designer: Phúc Trần

Producer: Quân Nguyễn, An Phạm

Project Manager: M — Lan



Portfolio Photography: Wing Chan

Digital Retoucher: An Nguyễn, Phúc Trần

Footage Documentary: GHTK

Model: Lâm Uy Huỳnh, Quân Nguyễn