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50 Đường Nguyễn Văn Mai, Phường 8, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

In a crowded Vietnamese teen milk market dominated by “teen leader” and “healthy teen” themes, Malto stands out with a distinctive approach. IDP (Sữa Quốc Tế) built upon the foundation of the LOF mother brand’s overarching strategy, “Choosing your happiness”, Malto has evolved into the brand that resonates with the phrase “happy teen choice”. This identity is carefully tailored to align with the Asian teen culture, presenting a cute and relatable appearance that captures the essence of youthful joy and satisfaction.

The Malto Gang characters were created to be as the vital role, shaping the brand and connecting with the audience on a profound level. They have moved beyond being mere emoticons on Malto packaging, becoming trending icons. They feature in merchandise, animations, and exciting collaborations, capturing the hearts of teenagers with their relatable personalities and charming designs. The Malto Gang characters embody a brand narrative that celebrates friendship, diversity, and the simple joys of life.

  • Leo: Loveable leader red lion, a total nerd and calm, super smart, problem solver, part-time introvert.
  • Tony: Sporty champion blue bear, with warm heart, kind and strong, sometimes clumsy at expressing emotion.
  • Ace: Trendy dancer orange fox, super active and funny, care about fashion, social media and trends.
  • Mie: Hotgirl, fashionista pinky rabbit with long ears, usually have cold-face but warm inside, love to give advice and critique.
  • Ozzy: A mysterious green tree spirit, total environmentalist, care about nature, living beings, always thoughtful, social media guru and love making content vlogs.

Our logotype is designed with a distinct visual flair, featuring curvy forms that ascend, symbolizing the spirit of growth and the aspiration to “fly high”. This design element takes the spotlight on our packaging, serving as the focal point that instantly captures attention. The lettering technique employed in our logotype infuses a natural and friendly feel, aligning with our brand’s ethos of approachability and authenticity.

Color Palette
Our color palette, featuring yellow as the malt color, stands as a unique choice that resonates with today’s teenagers who are increasingly inclined to stand up for themselves and their individuality. This bold departure from the green and orange of competitors, reflects our commitment to offering something fresh and distinctive. Yellow symbolizes the vibrancy and positivity of today’s youth, aligning with their desire to express themselves and make a mark in the world.

The concept of “growth” is visually represented in the MN Malty custom font, characterized by rounded trapezoid stems. This distinctive font serves as the go-to choice for naming categories and headlines, adding a touch of sophistication and prominence. Complementing this, NaN Hyena and LeOsler fonts step in seamlessly, perfectly suited for sub-headlines and body text, ensuring a harmonious and stylish typographic ensemble.

Brand Voice
Our brand voice is all about embracing the latest linguistic trends and wordplay wave, inspired by the creativity of the youth. We inject humor into our content, making it relatable and engaging. After researching nationally, data shows that speaking the language of today’s youth keeps us connected and celebrates the energy of the next generation, perfectly aligning with our brand’s essence.

Our packaging is a harmonious blend of elements, embracing bold minimalism to create a distinctive look that sets us apart from our competitors. The forefront of our packaging dedicates ample space for our endearing characters to take the spotlight, ensuring they shine like nowhere else. On the backside, we have infused a plethora of witty and up-to-the-minute brand voices from each character, establishing connections with consumers based on their unique characteristics and personas. This playful and humorous touch not only engages our audience but also adds an extra layer of fun and relatability to the overall product experience.