PGW / Pastor Garage Winery



The premium garage wine brand from Szekszárd

The Pastor Garage Winery produces its single vineyard wines from three hectares. Their aim is to highlight the diversity of the Szekszárd Wine Region with special emphasis put on the plant, the environmental protection and the usage of the right yield restriction. The quality is made in the vineyard first, with the right grape varieties on the right terroir, as well as the given vintage will all influence the outcome.

The challenge of this redesign was to inherit and simplify Pastor’s various graphic backgrounds, which the client aimed to change in the direction of stability. The name of the brand may sound familiar due to the unique typographic letterings used on its labels, which has since become quite popular and has been adopted by several wineries.

The PGW monogram, following the earlier used logo, also appears in a circular composition but in a reimagined design. The premium elegance and timeless essence found in Pastor’s wines are expressed through a stencil-style serif typeface, which has defined the brand from the beginning. We have preserved the wine droplet motif with minimal changes to it and the circular inscription which visually references the brand. Within the monogram, the shape of a Bordeaux bottle emerges as a negative-space element, subtly alluding to winemaking. It is simple, refined, and responsive in its style, embodying the premium atmosphere associated with Pastor Winery.


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