Año Del Dragon Chino / Rock N’ Wok / 2024

Mauricio Carreto

Diseñador / Ilustrador / Packaging

Puebla’s RockN’Wok Celebrates Year of the Dragon with Immersive Branding

For 13 years, RockN’Wok, a Puebla-based Asian food franchise, has captivated customers with its strong brand identity, built around eye-catching illustrations. This commitment to visual storytelling continues with their latest campaign celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

This traditionally Chinese holiday, not Middle Eastern, inspires a stunning redesign of their wok packaging. Mauricio Carreto and Jazany Martinez crafted a design featuring a majestic red dragon that coils around the packaging, creating a visually rich “illustration universe.”

The concept goes beyond packaging. It extends to RockN’Wok’s entire brand experience, including merchandise, outdoor advertising, and digital campaigns. This holistic approach aims to not just enhance the packaging but to create a cohesive visual identity that strengthens RockN’Wok’s presence at every touchpoint, from the point of sale to their broader marketing efforts.