Fuzzypoi box design

Angela Sardarova

Москва, Россия

Fuzzypoi is a brand of props for artists of original genres. Props of different shapes and colors.

The task was not an easy оne. We needed to print only fifty boxes measuring 50x50x2 cm. Of course, taking into account the quantity and size of the boxes, I did not offer any special finishing, so as not to ruin my client.

Where there are limitations, however, there is room for imagination and, consequently, there are possibilities. The client is engaged in 3D-printing. The idea simply popped into my head.
Since the props are different in shape, I suggested (for identification purposes) gluing a plastic figure on the box when putting the set together (placing the selected props in the box).

The box had to be not only beautiful, but also durable, so, as a result, the lid is made of vinyl paper and the bottom is made from blue Burano designer paper. One color is used for the plastic figure and the bottom of the box.

All images of the box are real-life photos.