A brand that embodies the lifestyle of a young generation. We always aimed to maintain the familiar ‘Mixery feeling’, while at the same time significantly modernizing the brand with new, fresh design ideas. At Higgins Design, we had the pleasure of redesigning Mixery’s visual identity from scratch. In a multi-day workshop with the client, we developed and defined a new brand core. This process allowed us to precisely understand Mixery’s future direction and how far we could deviate from its previous appearance.

First, we redesigned the brand and packaging, ensuring a degree of recognizability. With the secondary packaging, we could be bolder and develop a modern, striking six-pack design, bringing fresh vitality to the brand that has been around since the nineties.

All touchpoints, from point-of-sale to social media posts, were revamped with the new visual identity and the newly developed brand core ‘Party Your Way’. We are very proud of the result, which can be admired at almost every gas station, supermarket, or kiosk across the country.

At the end of our joint journey, we transformed the results into formulas and rules and summarized them in a handy, easy-to-understand style guide. This guide now enables the brand to ensure holistic brand recognition across all touchpoints.


Higgins Design

Senior Designer: Tim Rinka
Senior Designer: Alexander Hettich
Creative Director: Karsten Kummer
Karlsberg Brauerei GmbH