Design: Higgins Design GmbH
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: FZ Getränke GmbH
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Non alcoholic beverages
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Dynamic brand architecture. Key to successful decoding at the POS. With maximum creative freedom, we have developed many independent SKU designs that serve the respective category.

Our team was commissioned by the premium lemonade manufacturer FZ Getränke from the Allgäu to redesign their entire, extensive range of non-alcoholic beverages. The goal was to bring the large range under one visual umbrella, create visibility on the shelf, and stand out independently from the competition. Although a certain recognizability to the current equipment was desired, it was not to be an evolutionary relaunch. Based on this creative freedom and our dynamic approach, many completely independent designs were created that serve the respective category – and go beyond a mere product illustration. Illustrative storytelling is the keyword here.

A creative tool with which we have once again succeeded in bringing the entire product diversity into a contemporary image. Whether energy drink, fruit spritzer, or classic lemonade: each variety is characterized by its very specific, individual illustration style as a central brand element. Advocates of stringency may now ask, where does that leave the brand? The answer is that in this case, it was perfectly sufficient to create grip via the striking iconic brand logo and a layout system divided into tiles. Nothing more, nothing less. Thanks to this approach and the use of a wide variety of tools and skills, not only was the fun factor right for our designers*, but also the success factor in the market. As the FZ team confirmed to us, the individual products are much better recognized and decoded by customers in the market than in the past.

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