There’s a new buzz in the air as Absolut launches its latest flavoured vodka exclusively in the UK. Absolut Hunni is a premium spirit crafted with natural flavours offering a smooth and delicious taste sensation with a distinct golden honey flavour. Its eye-catching design crafted by international design consultancy JDO is set to create quite a stir among flavour-seeking spirit enthusiasts on the quest for good vibes.

In response to the ever-growing demand for innovative flavours in the vodka industry, Absolut tasked JDO with creating a compelling design and name for its new honey variant. The goal was to offer consumers a unique and engaging alternative to the plethora of fruit-flavoured options saturating the market.

“Absolut has always been the leader in flavoured vodka, but with competitors upping their game, the brand wanted to reinforce the iconic brand’s premium, stylish edge,” explains Paul Drake, Creative Director at JDO. “Our challenge was to infuse its iconic identity with a fresh twist, introducing Absolut Hunni as a distinct and unique flavour profile. To do this, we took an abstract approach, ensuring that it drove taste appeal while maintaining cohesion within Absolut’s portfolio.”

The design concept marries simplicity with impact, transforming the iconic Absolut bottle silhouette into a bee with bold black and yellow brushstroke stripes. This visually striking imagery not only distinguishes Absolut Hunni from its counterparts but also reflects the natural, smooth, and delicious honey flavour within.

In addition to crafting the distinctive bottle design, JDO supported the launch of Absolut Hunni in the development of a compelling sales deck filled with innovative brand world ideas to effectively convey the essence of this exciting new addition to the Absolut family, which promises to be the bee’s knees of flavoured vodkas.