Vaseline Radiant X: Designed by JDO, Created for All

Leading international brand design agency JDO has crafted an identity for Vaseline Radiant X, a new range of premium skincare products that have been designed with diverse skin tones in mind. Striking the balance between indulgence and efficacy, the design elegantly mirrors how this new range is clinically proven to restore the natural radiance of the skin, with the aim to establish an unprecedented benchmark for inclusivity within the beauty industry.

Vaseline believes in healthy skin for every body and sees its product portfolio as a holistic destination for all body types, skin tones, and individuals. Recognising a gap in the market, Vaseline was inspired to develop a cutting-edge skincare range, co-created with dermatologists of colour, to address the unique requirements of melanin-rich skin, as part of Vaseline’s ‘Inclusive Derma’ initiative.

JDO was brought in to create an identity for the range that would genuinely connect with a diverse audience seeking beauty products formulated specifically for them. The design needed to be both premium and easy to shop, highlighting the dermatological expertise whilst embodying the promise of radiant skin.

The design celebrates melanin-rich beauty with a kind confidence that is inviting and empowering. This is infused into every aspect of the identity, from the luxurious metallic gold that is reminiscent of exquisitely nurtured skin to the vibrant pops of colour inspired by derma-beauty aesthetics.

“Our intention was to elevate this addition to the Vaseline portfolio, imbuing it with a higher level of efficacy in a premium beauty way,” comments Ben Oates, JDO Founder & Creative Director. “The sub-brand lock-up captures this intention with a combination of sumptuous curves in the serifed font and the efficacious precision of power in the ‘X.’ The result is a meticulously crafted range identity that reflects modern premium beauty, inviting indulgence at every touch, supported by scientific expertise, and inclusive to everyone.”

In addition to designing the identity and packaging, JDO also contributed to the development of TVCs and social media assets to introduce the brand in the market.

With an identity by JDO, Vaseline Radiant X represents a significant milestone in Vaseline’s journey towards inclusivity, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to providing healthy and radiant skin for all.