Welcome to a world of pure laundry bliss.

Immerse your senses in the gentle scent of blooming lavender fields, the zest of sun kissed citrus groves, or embrace the soothing effect of an ocean breeze that transforms your laundry routine into a tranquil escape. With Breez, nature’s most captivating fragrances will dance upon your clothes.

Turning a packaging line into a washing line.

Our goal was to make a strong impact on the shelf and stand out in a saturated market. Breez breaks away from the conventional laundry cues with a packaging so simple it instantly communicates its promise visually. Bright colours, airy scent.

Gently curved illustrations in bold colours are combined with floating typography to enhance the effect of a wavy summer breeze. Driven by its concept and brand name, we created an ownable typeface that elevates both the Breez wordmark and brand messaging.

The laundry peg closure adds the final illusory layer to the packaging. It creates elegant ripples in the soft-touch material that gives the illustrations a tangible and airy feel. The contrast of vibrant colours against a pristine background not only makes the packaging stand out instantly, it makes them literally float of the shelf.