Magenta creative agency

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Poke Spot, the newest culinary sensation graces the American dining scene with bold aesthetic and vibrant flavors.


The challenge for Poke Spot was to establish itself as more than just a restaurant but an experience. The goal was to create a lively and inviting ambiance while highlighting the signature Poke Bowl as the centerpiece of its offering.


Our team developed a cohesive brand identity, including a sleek salmon tail logo, and vibrant color schemes of bright orange, black, and yellow. We crafted a dynamic environment that enhances the dining experience. Through creative messaging and design, Poke Spot now offers an engaging and memorable gastronomic journey, successfully attracting both seasoned poke enthusiasts and newcomers.


Magenta creative agency

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Tarek Fawzi: Business Director
Mohamed Fawzi: Creative Director
Amr Gad: Art Director
The Poke Spot