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Derrick Lin


Designed by Deep Blue Creative Graphics, Greece.

Creta Mel confectionery company (located in Crete-Greece) asked us to design the packaging for a new product line of sesame with dark chocolate and nuts.(above)
This new recipe was the inspiration for the name of the product:sesame plus chocolate”. A unique tasty combination was clearly contrasted on white background.
Our goal was to create a simple package that reflects the ingredients of the product but to stand far from the ordinary sesame bars.

A new product line from Creta Mel confectionery company for sesame bars with dark chocolate and nuts.
The package contains 3 thin crunchy sesame bars. White is again the best choice to reflect chocolate color.
Three different flavors in this range come dynamically to earn the young consumer.

A simple new approach for a Soft nougat bar package. A romantic design with colorful parts of the fruits and nuts was the goal.
Gold color adds a classical luxury to the package.