Santa Margherita – Pinot Grigio 50th Anniversary

Derrick Lin


Designed by Minale Tattersfield, United Kingdom.

Santa Margherita launched Pinot Grigio fifty years ago and was the first company to sell the variety commercially. Today the brand is the largest selling Pinot Grigio in the world. The variety is particularly popular in the USA and Santa Margherita is the by far the biggest selling brand there. The magnum bottle introduced to mark the anniversary is the first sparkling Pinot Grigio and is produced according to the metodo classico (champagne method).

Marketing objectives serving as a base for the solution
Santa Margherita wanted to use the 50th anniversary of its Pinot Grigio to promote the brand. Minale Tattersfield created a design formed from one label superimposed on another to construct an L, the Latin numeral for fifty. The objective was to inform consumers of its pioneer and high quality status in what is now a crowded market. The design follows the classical elegance of the brand denoting quality and timelessness, communicating its relevance to today. A magnum of sparkling wine is traditional for celebrating but this product has the added task of announcing the introduction of a new variety, sparkling Pinot Grigio.