Laranja Mecânica (Student Work)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Jessica Comin, Brazil.

This is a conceptual package inspired by the book Clockwork Orange, of Anthony Burguess.

In the book, the protagonist Alex, lover of ultra-violence, is subjected to a brainwashing, what makes impossible for him to keep doing the atrocities he was used to. Based on this concept, the package must also suffer a ‘brainwashing’ to the consumer be able to get the chocolate inside.

Initially, the package is aggressive, polluted and full of thorns. Once opened, it turns into a cube, which represents life within the rules. In the book, the protagonist’s essence doesn’t change; he is forced to change due to the sickness he feels. So, even in the cubic form, the package continues full of thorns and causing dizziness. The chocolate has the shape of eyes, because it is a very remarkable icon of this book, since it is through the vision that brainwashing is done.