Quit Smoking Packaging Concept

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Designed by Prompt Design, Thailand.

The Quit Smoking packaging concept project is an innovative campaign designed to motivate smokers to quit smoking for good. The design compares burning cigarettes with burning money. It implies that smoking not only destroys the smoker’s health, but their wealth as well.

Graphics on the cigarette box and the cigarettes are inspired by the micro lines and other printing techniques used to create US currency.

In addition to the strong reminder that smoking burns money, graphics that depict the risks of smoking are prominently displayed on the sides and back of the packaging.

The desired result is to encourage smokers to think about how smoking is damaging to both their health and wealth and will make their attempt to quit smoking more effective.

  1. Why would a smoker purchase this? Most are already aware of the cost, they do not want to remind themselves. The package and product are visually appealing, I would see this as a product that Donald Trump uses, or someone who can plainly say "I have so much money, I smoke some of it."

  2. The packaging is quite appealing but in some ways there a lot of people take it for granted as they see those possible results even it is appeared on the outside packaging it seems ignored. But the concept still clever for those who really aware with their health and wealth.

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