Grassini Family Vineyards Reserve and New Everyday Varietals (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Duffy & Partners, United States.

Duffy & Partners just released the latest designs for Santa Barbara’s Grassini Family Vineyards. The newest packaging is an extension of the vineyard’s first phase of brand revitalization released in 2011.

Duffy’s challenge was clear: to craft an expression of the family that embraced their ancestry, positioned the vineyard for growth, and differentiated it among a sea of competitors. Grassini saw an opportunity to expand their offerings by expanding their premium wine offering and introducing a series of everyday varietals. Grassini looked to Duffy to create a design that adequately reflects the nobility of their craft.

Duffy embraces the power of design, using brand language that serves as a flexible, expandable and connected device. Ideals of art and craft in design are used as a means to communicate the authenticity and value of the Grassini Family Vineyards brand.