Self-Watering Herbs (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Duncan K. Anderson
School: Lahti Institute of Design
Type of work: Student Project
Country: Finland

Packaging for ready grown herbs which has a second function as a self-watering system for the plant. A self-watering system takes all of the guess work out of watering the plant and makes it easy to keep fresh herbs in the kitchen for longer. Different methods for self-watering were tested to find one that works with herbs. This was then developed into the packaging.

The cardboard stand folds to become the stand for the pot and is constructed without any adhesive. The bag tears along a perforation in the centre and the bottom part is then used as the reservoir for the water. The top part of the bag has ventilation holes for the plant when it’s packaged on the shelf, the corners are also cut to let out the aroma that’s an important part of the buying experience. A piece of Jute twine is attached through the bottom of the pot and is placed into the reservoir, this soaks up the water and provides moisture to the soil and roots. The twine is 100% biodegradable and so can be put into bio-waste with the plant at it’s end of life.

The comparison picture shows the result after ten days between two Basil plants, one on the self-watering system and one that received no water.